I am not sure how relatable Mae Martin’s Netflix show “Feel Good” is to people with normal brains. But, to me, it was something I have been hoping to find – though I was not sure where to search, or what keywords to use – for for a long time.

Mar Martin in bed – A screen capture from the show “Feel Good”.

This is a show about a person who is trying to cope with the fact that their thoughts don’t necessarily work in their favor all the time. It’s about the struggle to live with yourself when , to other people, nothing seems to be happening, but inside of you, there’s a storm. Mae defines it as a love story, which is also true.

I relate to Mae in so many levels, it’s scary. From adoring Bette Midler to overdoing things that are bad to me (fortunately I’ve managed to never try drugs… unless diet coke counts). It got me wondering if this was the reason why I do so many things I absolutely don’t want to do – like finishing that chocolate bar – and also, a question Mae actually brings up in the show instantly popped into my mind “I understand I am like this, how the f*** do I fix it?”. The literature of how to fix things seem to be a lot less extense than the one on how to identify such problems.

The scary part is, it’s semi-autobiographical, so I can’t help but feel bad for Mae and every other PTSD victims out there.

I binge-watched the whole thing in a day or two (it’s rather short) and I love how the second season is set in Canada. Sometimes I like Canada, sometimes I don’t. So, when the correct light and camera angle is set in places I have been or maybe places that look familiar, that place becomes magical to me and it makes me really love the fact that I am actually here. It’s like how I hated Brazil until I read “American Drifter” by Chad Michael Murray and realized it was beautiful, because it saw it through his eyes. Yes, my personality is THAT weak.

Also, the whole cast is so amazing. Not only we get Lisa Kudrow, we also get Phil Burgers, who I had absolutely never hear of, but made me laugh while crying. It’s good, guys. It’s really, really good.

I may or may not be a *little* obsessed, so I drew a little something, which Mae herself liked on twitter and made my absurd little day…

Thank you for this, Mae. Also, I hope you are ok.