I don’t believe Mila Kunis, at this point of her life, performs random roles because she needs the money. Therefore, I just don’t trust her with movie choices because most of the movies I’ve watched with her did not impress my superior mind *eyeroll*. Fine, I just don’t like most of her movies and MAYBE I don’t like her as a person a little bit. I mean, TF was “Extract?” , “Ted”, “The spy who whatever…” … just… no!

Still, I pressed play on “Breaking News In Yuba County”.

The set is so ugly it BOTHERS me. But then again, the whole movie is supposed to bother the audience…
Scene from “Breaking news in Yuba County”

The experience was weird.

I thought “Tusk” had made me paranoid and afraid of all my neighbors enough, but it turns out I still had room in my tiny little brain to be even MORE scared.

This is the story of a lady who is sad. She is sad and honestly, no one really cares about her. I’ve seen it happen in real life. Some people just have an *energy* that just pushes people away. The more needy you get, the worse it is.

The thing is, it hurts. It hurts and it keeps getting worse. So, the lady decides to make an insane move. She is so focused on being loved she loses perspective of basically everything.

The movie is kind of triggering and tense and how it’s a “comedy” drama, it’s beyond me. That stuff ain’t funny.

So, now I’m just sitting here thinking, “Oh, God! I really have to be careful… with everyone and everything because that lady could be anyone”.

So, there.

Happy Sunday Night, Michele.

It’s kind of a good movie… I would never watch is again, though.