So, someone told me “Justin Long and Jonah Hill together” – who are people I am hopefully friends with in some of the parallel universes – and I was like “SOLD!!!”.

Except… WTF did I just watch? Sweet Lord Jesus Christ! Is this supposed to make me feel good about my life, in the middle of a pandemic, 5 countries away from my house? Well, good job.

Danny Devito is also in this movie, but him I haven’t trusted since “Drowning Mona” – which is something I only watched because I must watch everything Better Midler does – but my guys Justin and Jonah?

Well, I must admit they are spectacular at their roles, which is no surprise for Jonah (I love old Jonah better than current Jonah, btw… but I understand getting healthy is important as someone who is currently obese.)

Where was I? Oh, ok… so no matter how many funny guys in rom-coms Justin Long plays, I still see him as an amazing actor with like an oscar on his path.

You heard it here first, people! Justin Long will, someday, get an Oscar.

Also, if you are ever in a very weird, depressed, numb mood… you should totally waste your time watching this movie!

Just add water