Of course, I only found out about this show a few days ago, after it had already been cancelled for almost 2 years… but it didn’t stop me from watching the whole thing, in one sitting!

Sneaky Pete is really awesome *but* also tense. It’s definitely not something you play on the background to set the mood on a rainy day OR something you could watch while eating dinner in front of the TV. Seriously, don’t eat while watching it because *Spoiler alert* people will lose body parts. Not big parts, but still… stuff that is mostly attached to the rest of the human body in most comedy movies.

I wish there was a season 4, but unfortunately, apparently that’s it. It’s the kind of movie to watch when you are feeling energetic enough to pay attention but not in the mood to actually take actions in real life.

If you ask me, it’s definitely worth your time!

Watcha watching?