Had Justin Long studied in my high school, I would have had a huge pathetic crush on him. I’d have talked to him a couple times and made silly jokes. I’d probably manage to make myself sound funny enough to make him think I was ok to be around, and, if we ever did ended up hanging out, he’d friendzone me forever.

Well, good thing that totally happened, but with a completely different guy so I can still watch all the Justin Long movies I want.

So, the movie!

The story of this movie is actually pretty excellent. But there’s something COMPLETELY off about it. I am no expert but I do want to say it’s… the direction? I mean the photography makes it seem extremely low budget at certain moments but then again, during some other scenes, it’s actually quite good and decent and Tyler Labine is extremely charismatic.

It kinda feels like 3 different people directed 3 different movies and blended them all together for editing, though? I don’t know… I can’t explain it. It’s good. But it’s also bad.

See what I mean?

This is the kind of movie you will watch when you are procrastinating something. Probably work.

I am so sorry, Justin.